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Garden Maintenance

For gardens to convey their full potential, a proper maintenance program is essential, supported by a scheduled contract or technical follow-up.

All tasks associated with maintaining gardens are covered by the maintenance program, and include: pruning, installing tree supports, treating and maintaining grass, fertilizing and correcting mineral deficiencies. Maintaining fountains and waterfalls, providing chemical treatments for pests and disease and weed control. Regular verification of the irrigation system and adjusting the schedule for the irrigation and lighting controls.

We Garden has a policy for recycling organic waste taken from gardens, where the waste is composted and later reincorporated into the soil.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining the water quality of pools goes beyond aesthetic appearance, since it is directly related to the users' health. In order to prevent the emergence of skin or respiratory diseases, careful water maintenance is fundamental.

Pool maintenance through a scheduled contract includes regularly checking and controlling indicators of acidity, chlorine, algae or other airborne particles and performing the tasks of cleaning, filtering, vacuuming and replacing water levels.

Regularly caring for pool water will significantly increase its duration.


The WeGarden supply is diverse incorporating services such as design, creation and design of gardens, it was built from scratch or recovery, implementation of irrigation systems, outdoor lighting installation and commissioning of specific furniture.
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