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Building a Garden

The job includes preparing the land, adding soil, modeling, planting large plants, installing drainage and guide tubes for electrical wires and underground irrigation systems. This phase also includes installing decorative elements, such as fountains and waterfalls, pergolas, gazebos, wood decks, curbs and paths.

After this phase, the soil is improved by adding organic material and fertilizer to provide a means of adequate and balanced growth for plant species and other crops. If there is grass, it can be sown or planted, or ready-made grass carpet can be used and maintained through the first-cut, after which it is the responsibility of the chosen maintenance team.

Garden Recovery

Depending on the state of your garden, the solutions are varied; after it is surveyed, we will proceed accordingly, providing the necessary actions, such as: trimming hedges, pruning large trees, felling and removing decaying or dead species, rehabilitating irrigation systems, installing irrigation, lighting or drainage, creating entryways or walkways and installing garden furniture.

Irrigation and Drainage System

Investing in an effective irrigation system results in highly-profitable economic and environmental savings for the investor. Knowledge of species, their disposition in the ground, local weather and water availability are all key factors in executing an effective and functional irrigation system, which prevents water loss, high water bills and plant death due to excess or lacking water.

After surveying these factors, we prepare an irrigation plan leading to the installation of a system that best fits your garden's needs. These systems can be totally autonomous or remote controlled (via your cellphone, for example) so that you can manage your irrigation system according to the plant's needs and the weather.

A drainage system allows us to remove excess water from the garden, which would otherwise kill plants or create muddy and uncomfortable areas. A drainage system can also allow you to take advantage of and reuse excess water.


The WeGarden supply is diverse incorporating services such as design, creation and design of gardens, it was built from scratch or recovery, implementation of irrigation systems, outdoor lighting installation and commissioning of specific furniture.
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